Roses, Alstroemeria, and Waxflower

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What to Expect

This year's Valentine's Day bouquet is a real looker. Roses, alstroemeria and waxflower in a white, pink and purple pallet is sure to impress. Treat yourself or a loved one this Valentine's Day! Pricing starts at $39 in Vancouver and $49 in Calgary.

In Bud

Your roses will be shipped with guard petals on, which can be carefully plucked off for a cleaner look.

In The Vase

Choose a vase with a bit of extra room for your flowers to open up and make sure to trim the leaves off below the water line.

In Bloom

Your alstroemeria will need a few days to pop open, enjoy watching as they bloom!

Bouquet Stems


What says Valentine's Day better than a rose? These beauties comes from Eurosa Farms in Saanich, British Columbia.


This fragrant filler fills in our Valentine's Day bouquet perfectly. Consider pulling apart the heavily branched stems to create more individual pieces to work with.


These delicate, long lasting blooms will arrive in bud but will rehydrate and pop open in a few days. Grown locally at Mirabel Farms.

Tips and Tricks

When your flowers arrive they may look a little tired, but fear not, they will perk right up once they have some water!

Cut all of your stems at a 45 degree angle and trim off the leaves below the water line.

Be sure to add your flower food, it makes a world of difference!

After 3-4 days, recut your stems, change the water and add the second pack of flower food.

Some of your flowers may last longer than others, freshen up the arrangement by pruning the spent stems.