What is your delivery area?

We currently deliver to: Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, and White Rock.

How does Bear’s Blooms work?

We deliver a fresh box of flowers each week for you to arrange into a stunning bouquet. We’re subscription with a twist, meaning you’re not locked in and can opt out whenever you want (before Sunday for the following week). We buy exactly to order meaning we waste 40% less than a traditional florist and can provide gorgeous bouquets for a more reasonable price.

How much does the service cost?

The cost for our service is $39 per box. You have complete flexibility, you only pay for the weeks that you are opted in for.

Can I skip deliveries?

You bet! We are a no-commitment subscription so you can skip anytime for any reason. Just make sure you opt out before Sunday at midnight for the upcoming week.

When do I need to opt out by?

Our service rolls over by Sunday at midnight for the upcoming week. Be sure to opt out by then if you want to skip!

Where can I find out more about this week’s flowers?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to see the flowers that are coming your way! We also post a little video to give you some arranging inspiration.

How do I contact Bear’s Blooms?

Please send us an e-mail or reach out on social media! Whether it's a question, feedback or just a quick hello, we love to hear from you.

Is it possible to opt out of specific flowers?

At this time we offer an ‘opt out’ of lilies for those of you with kitties at home or allergies. Please pop us an e-mail if you’d prefer not to have lilies and we will make a note on your account.

What kind of vase should I get?

We’ve seen our flowers work in so many different vases! Some people split up their blooms into multiple smaller vases or mason jars. But our demos are done in a medium sized hurricane vase. Click here for more information on the vase we use.

Do I get to see a preview of the upcoming flowers?

We keep our bouquets a surprise until delivery day. Since we buy exactly to order, our bouquet of the week depends on how many people subscribe that week. Local BC flowers vary in quantity and availability week-to-week so we listen to what you’re interested in and buy whatever looks best that week. Check out our social media the morning of your delivery to see a preview and a little video inspiration.

How can I send a Bear’s Blooms box as a gift?

We love sending gifts! There are two ways you can send one of our boxes to a friend. You can either add a second box to your address and hand deliver it, or you can just pop their address into your account as a new delivery address and we’ll take care of delivery.

Can I include a note if I send a box as a gift?

We send your gift recipient an e-mail a few days before the delivery to let them know it's on the way. If you've written a gift note, this will only be included in the e-mail. Please note, any written notes will not be included in the box as we are unable to customize individual boxes.

Can I change my delivery day?

In an effort to minimize emissions we organize deliveries by area. But there’s no need to be home, just let us know where we can leave your flowers and you’re all set.

Can I change my delivery time?

Our fresh flowers, custom boxes and the care we take with flowers are all designed to promote flower health. There’s no need to be home, just let us know where we can leave your flowers that is convenient for you.

Can you collect my empty box?

We would love to! Just leave your box in your drop off location on your next delivery day. Most of the boxes come back to us in such great shape that we reuse them multiple times. Yay! for the environment!

Can I turn off deliveries for a little while?

Yes, but we’ll miss you! You can opt out of the next 5 weeks of deliveries for a short break or you can suspend your account for a more permanent break. Just make sure to un-suspend your account when you're ready to receive deliveries again.

Can I add an address?

Yes! Just go into the Manage Deliveries page and add a new address. You can have as many active subscriptions as you want.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! You can suspend your account anytime, there’s no catch. Just toggle the 'suspend account and all deliveries' switch on your account details page. If you want to fully delete your account please e-mail us.

Can I change my address details?

Yes! Just find the address you want to change in the Manage Deliveries page and click 'Edit'

How do I change my credit card details?

Can I get more than one box delivered?

Of course! Just use the slider bar on the Manage Deliveries page to adjust the quantity of your delivery. You can have as many boxes as you want!

How can you dry ship the flowers? Don’t they need water?

Because the flowers are so fresh and are grown locally, they spring right back when they’re placed in water. Most people don't know this, but when flowers are shipped internationally they’re all shipped dry!

How long should my flowers last?

Most of our bouquets last a full week! They come in bud form, and are typically delivered within 24 hours of being cut. They reach their full beauty around day 3 or 4. Make sure to use the flower food we send you and check out the ‘This Weeks Flowers’ page to get some tips.

My flowers didn’t arrive on my delivery day, what should I do?

Contact us!! Pop us an e-mail and we’ll make it right.