Disbuds, Spray Mums, Irises, Tulips and Italian Ruscus

What to Expect

Please give a warm welcome to The Beatrice! She's a beautiful assortment of Disbuds, Doria Mums, Tulips, Irises, and Italian Ruscus.

In the Box

Our flowers will be laid out head to tail, carefully remove your stems from the box and trim at least ¼ of an inch off the bottom of each stem to help rehydrate them. Your blooms may look a little sad, but they will perk right up once they are put in water.

In the Vase

Fill a nice clean vase with room temperature water and add one pack of flower food before you get started. Remember there is no wrong way to arrange flowers as long as you have fun, but if you get stuck while arranging you can always check out our video below.

In Bloom

This colourful assortment is one of our favourites. Make sure you keep the water clean and plentiful throughout the week to make your flowers last as long as possible. Your irises, tulips and disbuds will need a few days to open up so just sit back, relax, and watch the blooming happen!

Bouquet Stems


One of our favourite long lasting stems is the disbud. They come from a local farm in Chilliwack and we love all the different variations they come in!


Adding a pop of colour are our favourite seasonal tulips. Even though they're one of the taller varieties of tulips locally available, they'll still grow another 10cm in the next few days!

Italian Ruscus

A new addition to the flower lineup! We're in love with this whimsical green.

Spray Mums

These cuties also come from Quik's Farm in Chilliwack. They, like the disbuds, love their flower food so make sure you add that second pack a few days in.


We love the shot of blue that irises infuse into this bouquet. These pops of colour should spring open in the first day or two, and can be pulled out once they're done blooming. Thanks Springbrook Farms!

Tutorial Video

Tips and Tricks

When your flowers arrive they may look a little tired, but fear not, they will perk right up once they have some water!

Cut all of your stems at a 45 degree angle and trim off the leaves below the water line.

Be sure to add your flower food, it makes a world of difference!

After 3-4 days, recut your stems, change the water and add the second pack of flower food.

Some of your flowers may last longer than others, freshen up the arrangement by pruning the spent stems.